Each Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest course packs in a whopping 50+ obstacles. It would take ages to show you all those so below is a selection of what lies ahead. Expect big builds and some epic obstacles to test every Survivor!

  • Unique to Survival, our airbag jump pits you against a high drop onto a massive inflatable pillow. Don’t look down!

  • Get those biceps pumping, you’ll need them later!

  • Enter the war zone with this Hammock Box.

  • Enjoy the sights, but focus on the obstacles in this Work zone.

  • Swing through this zone smoothly and show off your Parkour skills.

  • Find a route through this massive bungee web.

  • Beware of wedgies on this well-lubed and very moist slip n’ slide.

  • Squeeze through this massive mangle and see if you can survive.

  • Get down on your hands and knees to tackle Jonny’s Balls!

  • Cool off at the pool party – Barbeque not included.

  • This is a real killer on the arms. Our Telehandler suspends you for a classic rope climb.

  • Time for some Takeshi’s castle style action on the Boardwalk (not under it).